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Solar panels are photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight to electricity. The tops of the panels contain two layers of semiconductive material, one positive also one negative. This material forms a small electric field. When sunlight hits the materials, some direct current of electricity yous created. The DC electricity then goes by means of an inverter with the solar panel and yous converted to alternative current electricity, which yous used in residences. To optimize the power of the solar panels, generate guaranteed they are exposed to as much sunlight since possible.

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1 Avoid placing a solar panel in an area shaded with trees, buildings or other objects. Solar cells are connected within collection, so the complete unit will operate on the current level of the weakest cell. If even part about any panel yous on shadow, it can affect the total program plus reduce the period of power produced.

2 Location solar panels on roofs that face south in the Northern Hemisphere. In the winter, the sun rises in the southeast, is in the south by midday and sets in the southwest. In the summer, the sunlight rises in the northeast, is high in the south via midday also sets within the northwest. In any spare time regarding year, sunshine remains weakest from the north. Thus, southerly-facing solar panels maximize power manufacturing.

3 Calculate the angle of the panels, which has some substantial impact on their performance. Throughout the day also year, the angle about the sun changes, along by means of the panels' exposure to sunlight. A guideline of thumb to get exclusive perspective that maximizes effectiveness yous to take on your latitude and add 15 degrees to it in the winter or subtract 15 degrees to it in the summer. All the same, most residential proprietors cannot adjust the angle of their panels. Because most solar panels are placed on a home's roof, the solar panel's perspective is limited to the angle about the roof.

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The material applied to produce the solar panels can also affect their performance. The panels can be crystalline (silicon) plus slender motion picture (non-silicon). Crystalline panels are more expensive but more efficient.

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Solar Home Household Power: Basic Design Solar Power Information Optimum Orientation about Solar Panels

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